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Each year ULSWCD participates in Junction ISD's Earth Day, aided by the NRCS Junction Field Office staff.  

Dandy teaches a group of kindergarteners

Kindergarteners get set to learn about pollinators

Previous Earth Day Activities 

The annual conservation poster contest for Kimble County students sponsored by the Upper Llanos Soil and Water Conservation District was held earlier this year.  Each year, the District conducts contests to help educate local youth in the conservation and preservation of our natural resources. 

    The 2018 poster contest theme was “Healthy Soils are Full of Life” and was open to students through the 5th grade.

   2018 winners were announced Weds, May 16th and prizes were awarded by ULSWCD Board Chairman, Art Mudge, at Junction Elementary. 

    1st place winner was Taya Bierschwale, Taya is in the 3rd grade.  Her teacher is Mrs. Mary Bullard.  Taya’s parents are Aaron and Tiffany Bierschwale.

    2nd place winner was Henry Doss.  Henry is in the 3rd grade and his teacher is Mrs. Mary Bullard.  His parents are Steven and Sandra Doss.

    3rd place winner (not pictured) is Rylan Adams.  Rylan is a 3rd grader and her teacher was Mr. Noel Bullard.  Rylan’s parents are Bobby Adams and Katie Sissel.

    The winning posters were entered into the Area II competition.  Congratulations to the winners!

2018 Conservation Poster Contest

All submitted 2016 posters and essays were displayed at

Kimble County Library

to celebrate Soil Stewardship Week

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Soil Stewardship Week  



ULSWCD Chairman Tony Hall  awarded prizes in the District's conservation poster and essay contests.  Posters were submitted addressing the theme "Local Heroes - Your Hardworking Pollinators".    

The essay topic was "How Soil and Water Conservation Helps Feed the World".        


* What are pollinators, why we need them and how they work with plants.  How pollinators affect all parts of our lives, helping provide food and clothing.  How natural resources affect pollinators and the importance of good stewardship.

* "Bee" Bingo game.  What students learned about pollinators was reinforced through a fun game.

*  Each student planted a seed cup, which was taken back to the classroom where plant growth was  monitored.

Fifth Grade

*  A rainfall simulator was used to teach the principles of soil erosion and practices that can help prevent it.

*  A soil specialist taught soil types, how they were formed and their differing qualities.

Students learned how to use a GPS unit and were given hands-on experience as they tracked and located hidden "treasure".

All students were given packets with educational information furnished by ULSWCD and NRCS.

Previous Conservation Poster Contest

Additional thanks to

Kimble County Groundwater District

for providing planting materials and treats for students