10" x 12"      $20.00 + 1.65  tax   =   $21.65

2' x 3'            $65.00 +  5.36 tax   =  $70.36


Customized gate signs are on sale now at Upper Llanos SWCD.  The green and white signs use modern technology to produce a design containing a graphic of the State Grass of Texas, Sideoats Grama, and a District slogan used decades ago. "Leave more leaves to grow more roots to grow more leaves" was discovered on District newsletters dating from about mid-century.  

The signs are available in 10"x12" or 2'x3' sizes and are customized with your name or ranch name at the top.  They are pre-drilled for convenience in hanging at your gate entrance.  Imprinting and drilling are included in the price.  

The signs are made to withstand outdoor conditions using a method of printing on an aluminum composite material, which helps ensure a longer lifespan.  

Samples are on display at the ULSWCD office at 522 Main Street in Junction.  Click here or on the link above for an order form.  Payment is made at the time of order and there is a 2-3 week delivery timeframe with pickup in our ULSWCD office only (sorry, we cannot mail or ship). 


District Clerk Wanda Blackburn and Director Jerry Kirby display gate signs being sold by ULSWCD.