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Local rancher Art Mudge was honored for 40 years of service as a Director of Upper Llanos Soil and Water Conservation District.   

Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board member Marty Graham of Rocksprings attended the ULSWCD Directors’ January meeting to present Mudge with a commemorative award on behalf of TSSWCB.  “The dedication shown by Art through serving 40 years on the Upper Llanos SWCD is greatly appreciated.  His knowledge of land stewardship and expertise in the ranching and conservation arenas are extremely valuable and assist in guiding our natural resource conservation programs, not only in Kimble County, but statewide,” Graham said in applauding Mudge’s achievements. 

Through the years, Mudge has represented local agricultural producers at regional, state and national meetings.  He is well-known by other conservation organizations, federal Natural Resources Conservation Service personnel and legislators across the state and is held in high regard by his peers in the TSSWCB network.    

For years, Mudge has worked tirelessly to uphold the agricultural principles which underlie our county, state and national economies.  He has served as a liaison between the local District and other conservation and agriculture-related agencies, working to meet goals, bring about needed changes and implement ideas, while always embracing the core values and principles on which soil and water conservation districts were founded. 

All SWCD Directors are elected and serve on a volunteer basis.  Upper Llanos SWCD #225 encompasses Kimble county and Mudge, who represents Zone 2, is one of five local Directors. 

In addition to specific conservation issues, Mudge is also committed to local youth and teacher education.  He has continually stressed the importance of ULSWCD’s leadership role in ensuring that students are given the opportunity to learn all aspects of agriculture and its integral part in our local and national future. 

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Dr. J. F. Hubbs, Jr. was honored for 20 years of service as a Director of Upper Llanos Soil and Water Conservation District.  Kendria Ray, Area II Field Representative for the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board presented Hubbs with a commemorative plaque on behalf of TSSWCB.    

Hubbs is one of five elected local SWCD Directors, all of whom serve on a volunteer basis, and he represents Zone 5, in the southeastern area of Kimble county.  Hubbs is a Navy veteran, serving six years in the Reserves and two additional years on active duty in 1953-55.  He graduated from Midwestern University with a degree in animal husbandry and earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine and animal science from Texas A&M in 1960.  Hubbs owned a veterinary clinic in Wichita Falls, where he was in practice for 33 years.

In 1991, he and his wife Rita purchased their Sycamore Springs Ranch near Segovia in Kimble county and moved there in April, 1994, where he established a cattle-raising operation.  He used the services of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and was encouraged by his realtor to run for the local SWCD Board of Directors.  

“I’ve learned a lot being on the Board and from all the people there,” Hubbs said.  “It has helped me to improve my place and stay current on new ways to continue and carry out land management goals.”  

Although he currently does not manage livestock on his ranch, Hubbs remains actively involved in meeting his conservation plan, as well as helping seek ways to improve Kimble county agriculture, land usage and an increase in water quantity as well as retaining the pure water quality of Kimble county rivers and creeks.  

Through his years of service, Hubbs has helped ensure that ULSWCD plays an important leadership role in Kimble county conservation and agricultural issues.  And his participation in numerous fundraising events through the years has contributed to the education of local youth and teachers, training them in good land management practices and conservation and restoration of our natural resources, helping ensure the future of Kimble county’s agricultural economy.

OCTOBER 2017:   Quinton McKinney has been elected to the ULSWCD Board of Directors, representing Zone 5.  He fills the position of Dr.  J. F. Hubbs, Jr., who recently retired after serving the District for over 20 years.

    McKinney was raised in Kimble county and his family were early settlers in the London area.  He now continues generations of ranching tradition. 

    His wife, Sterling, is also from Kimble county.  They have five children:  the oldest son serves in the Marine Corps; their oldest daughter attends school to earn a CNA license and two boys and a girl attend school in Mason.

    McKinney manages a cow/calf operation on his 2,166-acre ranch near the Mason/Kimble county line.  His ranch encompasses both sides of RR 1871, known by most locals as Red Hill Road, named for the once-thriving community of Red Hill, which was located nearby.  The Main Llano River is the north boundary of the ranch. 

    He took over full time operation of the ranch about 15 years ago and has recently become more aggressive toward improving his land.  With technical advice from the NRCS Junction Field Office staff, McKinney has been implementing a Conservation Plan to meet his goals and objectives.  “My emphasis is to restore my rangeland and grass and get rid of invasive species, while always looking to improve my water supply,” he said. 

  McKinney feels he still has much more work to accomplish, but is pleased that his efforts are paying off, resulting in recovered water and improved rangeland for livestock and wildlife.  “After targeted cedar removal, a spring came back and has run even during summer months.  And after root plowing, then re-seeding, a pasture has remained much greener than other places where work hasn’t yet been done.”

    McKinney has entered into contracts with NRCS in order to complete practices which will further enhance and restore his land, making it more viable for agricultural production, and he encourages others to do so.    

    “Serving on the Upper Llanos SWCD Board is my way of giving back and helping others get involved, because NRCS incentive programs can help landowners afford to make improvements, do work which they might not otherwise be able to afford on their own, and increase their land’s agricultural capabilities,” he said.    

    McKinney welcomes inquiries about how ULSWCD and its NRCS partners can help landowners with conservation and agricultural issues. 

Note:  Dr. Hubbs retired from the ULSWCD Board in October 2017. 

The following press release noted his 20 years of service on the ULSWCD Board.

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Jerry Kirby

Quinton McKinney has been elected to the Upper Llanos SWCD Board of Directors.  McKinney, whose ranch is on RR 1871, represents ULSWCD Zone 5.

ULSWCD meets regularly the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in their office at 902 College St., Junction, TX.

Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board member Marty Graham of Rocksprings, left, presents Art Mudge a TSSWCB award commemorating Mudge’s 40 years of service as a Director of the local District.

ULSWCD Directors are advocates for Kimble County conservation and agriculture.  Their service is appreciated and the District looks forward to many more years of their leadership.

Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board Area II Representative Kendria Ray, left, presents Dr. J. F. Hubbs, Jr. a TSSWCB award plaque commemorating Hubbs’ 20 years of service as a Director of the local Upper Llanos SWCD.

​​Katy Meador, District Office Clerk            May 23, 2017 

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Ward Whitworth               Director               Zone  1         August 3, 2005                 

Art Mudge                        Chairman             Zone  2         October 14, 1975

Fred W. (Tony) Hall, Jr.   V Chairman         Zone  3         November 22, 2011

Jerry Kirby                        Secretary             Zone  4         June 19, 2001

Quinton McKinney           Director               Zone  5         October 11, 2017