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Prescribed Burn Alliance of Texas

The Prescribed Fire Management (PFM) Portal provides convenient access to information and resources on general concepts and applications of prescribed fire management. Portal users (students, landowners, land managers, extension agents, and contractors) will be acquainted with prescribed fire best-management practices to achieve desirable land management goals.


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2018 Officers and Directors

Lewis Allen, President;  Sam Jetton, Vice President/Treasurer;  Robin Jetton, Secretary;   Carol Akers;   Michelle Brangenberg;  

Cole Holland;  Shane Mogford;  Claudia Parker;  Brian Rieck;   Ward Whitworth 


The Upper Llanos Prescribed Burn Association (ULPBA) is a proactive conservation organization based in Kimble County, Texas whose goal is to enhance the productivity of the land and provide more water to the aquifer by reducing runoff, erosion, and competition from ashe juniper while simultaneously reducing wildfire fuels. We believe that prescribed range burning has historically proven to be the best and most cost effective practice to promote this goal on a scale large enough to have a perceptible impact on an area of this size. The Association members realize that fire is both a productive and potentially dangerous tool and have agreed to seek training and guidance to make their participation in this practice safe and effective. The Association exists to promote and assist its membership but does not have the authority to sanction nor conduct a prescribed burn. Even though the Association has no regulatory authority, the members have agreed to adhere to the following guidelines in order to demonstrate due diligence:


Guidelines for Safe Prescribed Burns



1.      Procure and follow a burn plan filed with a certified, insured prescribed burn manager licensed by the Texas Dept. of Agriculture, the NRCS, or the ULPBA office on an approved burn plan template from TDA, NRCS, PBAT, or EPPBA. Exceptions and deviations from the plan should be well documented by the burn boss. Burn plans will only be accepted from current members of ULPBA in good standing.  ULPBA can only accept burns filed in the ULPBA office a minimum of 10 business days prior to the actual burn in order for current membership status to be confirmed.

2.      Obey all laws governing prescribed burning in the county in which the burn is to take place and all laws imposed by the State of Texas including those agencies tasked with the enforcement of outdoor burning in Texas.  The Kimble County Judge must sign all burn plans during a burn ban.

3.      Notify the Sheriff’s Dept. (dispatch), the Kimble County Ranch Fire Association (fire chief), and the County Judge in all counties where you intend to burn prior to any attempt to conduct a prescribed burn.

4.      Designate a burn boss who will be responsible for all decisions made regarding the burn on the property and provide a crew in accordance with the guidelines in the burn plan. Each crew should contain a minimum of five persons. At least two crew members must have prior experience in conducting prescribed burns.

5.      Ensure the fire boss has inspected all bladed fireguards and identified any areas of concern prior to implementation of blackline fireguards. Ensure the fire boss inspects the perimeter of all blacklines prior to ignition of a headfire.

6.      Place the anticipated date of the prescribed burn on the ULPBA group email so that equipment, personnel, and emergency support can be sufficiently allocated. On the day you actually burn ensure the location and date is updated and posted.  This is a critical measure to ensure all members are aware when a burn takes place so they may reassure concerned citizens.

7.      Document a weather forecast showing the guidelines in the burn plan are predicted to be met on the day the burn is to take place.

8.      Notify all adjoining property owners of the date the burn is to occur and attempt to reassure them of the precautions you are taking to safeguard their property.

9.      Document proof of liability insurance and insure that it covers the practice of prescribed burning.

10.  Monitor the burn area during times of low humidity or high winds for a period of 72 hours following the burn.

11.   Know and follow all equipment checkout and return procedures of the Association. ULPBA policy requires that equipment cannot be taken outside a 30 mile radius from the county seat of Kimble County. ULPBA equipment is available for checkout only to current ULPBA members in good standing.

12. Return the completed burn plan to the ULPBA office within 30 days of the completion of each burn.