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2018 Youth Range Workshop

and Land Stewardship 101

Attending an evening meal at the 2018 YRW, are left to right:  Tyson Broad, Llano River Watershed Alliance Director; Dandy Kothmann, NRCS DC in the Junction Field Office, TSSRM Director and YRW instructor; Collyn Schaefer, YRW participant representing Kimble County; ULSWCD Directors Tony Hall and Ward Whitworth.

2018 Youth Range Workshop

ULSWCD, August 22, 2018 -- Collyn Schaefer, Junction High School Sophomore, spoke to the Upper Llanos Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors during the August board meeting. Collyn was sponsored by ULSWCD to attend the Texas Section Society of Range Management, Youth Range Workshop held at the Texas Tech Center in June. Collyn reported on some of what he learned and experienced during the 3 day event. He said he enjoyed the lectures and field work. He said he had fun and learned a lot about grasses, conservation practices and relevant ecological concerns.

During the event, Collyn was elected by his peers to be the Ramrod of his dorm. He was responsible for overseeing all things related to his dorm and his dorm-mates. According to Dandy Kothmann, NRCS District Conservationist and Vice-President of the TSSRM, Collyn shouldered the responsibility well. He was also a finalist in the Public Speaking event held near the end of the event.

Collyn said he was surprised and pleased to learn of the many various employment opportunities in the field of agriculture that he had not realized prior to the workshop. He plans to attend again next summer and is going to encourage his friends and classmates to also attend. He believes it will benefit his endeavors in the future.

Each year, Upper Llanos SWCD offers scholarships for students to attend this very beneficial, educational workshop. For more information, please contact 325-446-2722.

ULSWCD Directors and their wives, Art and Debra Mudge, Ward and Barbara Whitworth and Quinton and Sterling McKinney and District Clerk Katy Meador helped with prep and cooking for a grilled burger meal one evening during the Land Stewardship 101 workshop.

ULSWCD and our sponsoring partners were

pleased to provide



Cole Levien


Caleb Kott

to Agri-life's

July 2017

Youth Agricultural

Lifetime Leadership Tour

ULSWCD Chairman Ward Whitworth presented the 2017 Sam Coleman Award of Excellence to the top outfit, the Eastern Gamagrass, at YRW graduation ceremonies.  Members of the outfit are Joe Garrett, Nani Arenal, Rance Choate, Davis Mathews, Joe Marshall and Dalyn East. 

Local Educators Participated

in Land Stewardship Workshop in Junction

The Land Stewardship Educator Workshop, a professional development workshop for educators from across the state was held July 17-19 at the Texas Tech Center at Junction. The Upper Llanos Soil and Water Conservation District, as well as many other Soil and Water Conservation Districts across the state, offered scholarships to all interested educators to attend the three-day workshop. The workshop provided an interdisciplinary and experiential educational experience focusing on the scientific stewardship of the state’s natural resources.                                                    Read more . . .

Front row:  Doss Murr and Hyleh Davis attended the 2016 Youth Range Workshop and local sponsors were invited for an evening meal.  Back row, left to right:  Tyson Broad, Llano River Watershed Alliance Director; ULSWCD Directors Tony Hall, Chairman; Ward Whitworth, Vice Chairman; Art Mudge, Secretary.   

Left to right:  TSSWCB Area II Representative Kendria Ray speaks to attendees of the 2018 LS101 workshop held at TTU. Alfredo Muñoz, NRCS Rangeland Management Specialist in the Junction Field Office was an instructor.  His son Isidro accompanied him to classes at the workshop.  ULSWCD Director Ward Whitworth and his wife Barbara helped with an evening meal provided by sponsors. 

ULSWCD Directors Ward Whitworth (left) and Art Mudge (right),  join Collyn Schaefer (center), at an evening meal at YRW.  ULSWCD and its partners were pleased to provide tuition for Collyn to attend the 2018 YRW.   

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Watch for information on the 2019 YRW, details TBA

ULSWCD Directors and sponsor representatives attended an evening meal with participants at the 2017 Youth Range Workshop.  Left to right:   Art Mudge, ULSWCD Director; Sam Jetton, Upper Llanos Prescribed Burn Association; Tyson Broad, Llano River Watershed Alliance; Tony Hall and Ward Whitworth, ULSWCD Directors.  

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Contact ULSWCD for more information about TSSRM's Youth Range Workshop, eligibility requirements and application.

Scholarships Available 


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Collyn Schaefer (far right), son of Brandy Mogford, was Ramrod of his cabin.  He was in the finals in Public Speaking and represented Junction High School and Kimble County very well.

Land Stewardship 101 Workshop

  ULSWCD Scholarships Available       Watch for 2019 info and dates TBA

2016  Sam Coleman Outfit Award of Excellence winner was The Ragin' Tasajillos.  From left:  Jenny Pluhar, Workshop Coordinator; Tony Hall, Upper Llanos SWCD Director; Franklin Buchholz; Baylee Walker; Walker Hemphill; Matthew McEwen, Workshop Director; Doss Murr; Phoebe Rogers; Abel Galindo; Dan Caudle, Workshop Director and Stetson Dierlam.  
The award captured their exemplary teamwork - from  plant collections to scavenger hunts to excellent leadership!   Photo courtesy TSSRM YRW.



TSSRM's 62nd Annual Youth Range Workshop  

June 26  -  July 1, 2016

Hyleh Davis       and       Doss Murr

Youth Agricultural

Lifetime Leadership Tour  

  July  2016  

 Caleb Kott 

Llano River Watershed Alliance (LRWA)

Upper Llanos Prescribed Burn Association (ULPBA)

whose financial contributions through our Youth and Teacher Education Initiative helps provide scholarships

and other support for local youth and teachers to attend agricultural workshops